Try forest bathing in an old growth Ontario forest

Forest Bathing

Strap on your hiking boots and join us in forest bathing in a remarkable, mature maple, beech and cedar forest that is a rare example of pre-settlement woodlands in southern Ontario. Many of the trees are 250 to 300 years old, tower over 30 meters high, and clearly show the vertical stratification characteristic of a true, old-growth forest.

As we learn the history and principles of forest bathing practice, our guides will take you on a magical trek through the forest, pointing out various types of trees, terrain, water features, magical streams, birds and wildlife abundant in the Ontario forest. Along the way we’re going to forage for wild edible plants and make rejuvenating tea by a forest stream.

Trek will be followed by a healthy, locally sourced season group lunch in a warm and cozy setting.

After lunch, guests are granted free access to the trails to continue exploring, take a canoe ride on the private pond, or just enjoy the remnants of the bonfire.

Experiences can be booked on AirBnB and will continue until first signs of snow.

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