Finnish Sauna

My little Finnish sauna in the forest is a haven of well-being, offering a host of physical and mental benefits. Stepping into the warm embrace of the sauna not only provides immediate relaxation but also helps alleviate muscle tension and joint discomfort. The heat and humidity stimulate increased blood circulation, promoting cardiovascular health and aiding in the body’s natural detoxification process through perspiration. 

Beyond its physical perks, the sauna ritual fosters mental clarity and a sense of calm, creating a tranquil space for stress relief. Whether seeking a soothing escape from the daily grind or aiming to enhance overall health, the sauna experience at Freija is a rejuvenating journey for both body and mind.

Please note that only guests with a Forest Loft reservation have access to the sauna. Sauna can be added to your stay at a rate of $60 per night. This includes heating up the sauna, additional towels and sauna hats.

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