Snowshoeing in Kinghurst Forest

Snowshoeing offers a great way to stay warm and explore the forest during the winter months. Strap on a pair of provided snowshoes and explore a remarkable, mature maple, beech and cedar forest that is a rare example of pre-settlement woodlands in southern Ontario (Kinghurst Forest). Our guides will take you on a snowshoe trek through the magical forest, pointing out various types of trees, terrain, water features, birds and wildlife abundant in the Ontario forest.

The terrain is characterized by irregular, stoney knobs and ridges of glacial till, kame deposits and kettle shaped wetlands interspersed with deposits of sand, soil and organic materials in the valley and basin floors. Many springs, cool streams, swampy areas, and small ponds add to the natural beauty of this rolling landscape.

The adventure is weather-dependent and we always provide a choice of lunch for everyone, accommodating for any preferences or allergies. No experience in snowshoeing is necessary. Our nighttime adventure is a special way to experience the forest.

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