Visit the Kinghurst Forest Nature Reserve

Kinghurst Forest Nature Reserve is a 371-hectare (916 acre) nature reserve nearby contains a remarkable, mature maple-beech forest that is a rare example of pre-settlement woodlands in southern Ontario. Many of the trees are 250 to 300 years old, tower over 30 meters high, and clearly show the vertical stratification characteristic of a true, old-growth forest.

Kinghurst Forest is a unique destination in Ontario, known for its old growth forest that has been standing for centuries. This forest is a rare sight, as most of the old growth forests in the region have been cleared for agriculture and urban development. The towering trees and lush vegetation in Kinghurst Forest provide a glimpse into what much of Ontario looked like hundreds of years ago.

Visitors to Kinghurst Forest will be awed by the towering trees that reach up to the sky, some of which are over 400 years old. These trees provide homes to a diverse array of wildlife, including rare bird species and mammals that are not often seen in other parts of the province. The forest floor is dotted with ferns, wildflowers, and other plants that thrive in the shade provided by the towering trees.

Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the history of the forest, the wildlife that lives there, and the efforts being made to protect and conserve it for future generations.

Overall, Kinghurst Forest is a must-visit destination for anyone who appreciates the beauty and uniqueness of Ontario’s natural environment. Whether you’re a nature lover, birdwatcher, hiker, or simply someone who wants to experience something truly special, Kinghurst Forest is an unforgettable experience that you won’t soon forget.

Kinghurst Forest Nature Reserve trails can be accessed directly from Freija and all of the stays.

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The Forest Loft is a unique fully-heated four-season space that acommodates up to four guests.

The Meadow Cabin is a tiny cabin located in the middle of a meadow and surrounded by the old growth forest.

The Cedar Campsite is the closest to the ponds and the easiest to access. Seasonal camping only.